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Automats for bedtop mattresses and crossline machines for garden cushions


Two standard Hector machines are synchronised with adjustable needle distance. The distance can be set between 16,5 and 30,0 cm



  • The cushion is positioned by the operator who starts the automatic sewing.
  • The diameter and number of stitches can be pre set.
  • High speed sewing, approx. 8-10 pair of tuftings per minute.




  • Thick cushions up to 17cm can be sewn.
  • Quick change of diameter and number of stitches.
  • Automatic thread cutting.
  • Two separate loading tables
  • Easy to use.
  • Prepared for upgrading to WANDA automat



  • WANDA a fully automatic inline production system, including a conveyor.


One operator can handle two sewing heads. The operator positions the cushion manually and starts the sewing. The machine makes two tuftings and is ready for a new positioning.

Suitable for

  • Garden Cushions
  • Chair cushions
  • Seat pads

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